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Third Screening (02·28·2006)


59 languages Petri Ala-Maunus / Finland 2005
59 languages in 59 seconds


Envisage Thomas Amendola / USA 2005


Cellular Automata Briony Barr / USA 2005
This animation, is a process drawing, accumulating units and ambient sounds as layers in it's own making.


Under Glass (Gorilla) Michelle Beck / USA Jorge Calvo / Costa Rica


Run Herve Constant / UK 2005
Rushing all the time, for whatever the reason. Very often for none. Looking very busy. Are we lost?


At Santa Teresa Herve Constant / UK 2005
A child is enjoying the sight of a tram approaching Santa Teresa; it is important to keep a fresh eye to things surrounding us.


Demeures (doors) 1-59 Herve Constant / UK 2005
sound track from My Uncle by Jacques Tati - an ironic view of the contemporary obsession of comfort and a show of material possessions


Trail Chris Donavan / USA 2005


Hey sweetheart Craig Downing / USA 2005
Two people [Tim Brown and Ryan Davis] that rebel against their parents' wishes. A tale about culture, choices and different socio-economic backgrounds.


59 Bad Words Andrew Eyman / USA 2005


Do you feel anxiety about world events ...? You may be suffering from Historical Memoritis... AMNEZAC: The Most Powerful Anti-Historiamine on the Market.


Kenkaku No Yume Reiku Hiteruo / USA 2005
A swordsman struggles to preserve his identity against a modern world that denies his existence.


59s Civil War Périn Joelle / France 2005
Tracking shot about French suburb during November 2005 crisis.


Sonic Train Koji Kawai, Rui Ogawa / Japan 2005


Vienna in the desert Wago Kreider / USA


This Love Tsui-lun Liu /Taiwan / Germany 2005
It is farewell. Her pet is dead. She decides to keep the little body forever. It should not get rotten, but stays "lively" as ever beside her ...


Ritual Abuse in Liphook Nicky Magliulo / UK 2004
othic mini-series is set within a backdrop of suburban banality.


Predictions Katherin McInnis / USA 2005
Machines in the Musée Mechanique offer insights into love, the future, and YOU.


Lamentations Jeremy Newman / USA 2005
An understated meditation on a 2,000-year old sibling rivalry that focuses on the tension between wisdom and fratricide.


Numerical Portrait Andrea Ortado / USA 2005


Order Iran / Netherlands / Israel 2005 Sara Rajaei & Hadas Itzkovitch
Arrangement or disposition, relation and rhythm.


Now I Got Worry Michele Santarsiere / Italy 2005
music by PAUL NEWMAN- An interiority deliriuous projected on a face.


Censorship Gruppo Sinestetico / Italy 2005
A performance of the Gruppo Sinestetico (Abertin, Perseghin, Sassu, Scordo) in the theme of the censorship particularly for images television and cinema


Most Dear Tears Joon Sung / Korea - USA 2005


Vibrato Jessie Stead / USA 2005
This allegorical narrative demonstrates how you can make party confetti for the masses with killer bass using tools found in your own home.


Be Open Ingrid Taro / Italy / USA 2005
An experiment between the breath and the body, the voice is the medium of continuative thoughts.


Si and No Ingrid Taro / Italy / USA 2005
No right no wrong, the 2 sides of my face are in opposition, in contrast, reminding how difficult it is to understand ourselves in our eternal dialogue.


Forbidden Planet Michael Unger / USA 2005


Pirts Franz Wanner / Germany 2000
Occurence in the summer in the fields, a hommage.


CLOUDGATE 59 Lili White / USA 2005
As above, so as below


I sea 59 Lili White / USA 2005
Obvious pun pays homage to the human body and its eye composed of the same elements as salt water.


Void Jody Zellen / USA 2005 A voyage through old and new cities reflecting a sense of nostalgia for the past, contrasted with wonder about the future. A meditation on space, time, and human interaction.


German Project Project 59 / USA 2006
A proposal for perfecting the German language.


Everybody Pays USA 2005 / Chris D'Alessio


Color Drum Alex Baron / USA 2005


Connector Briony Barr / USA 2005
Connecting ideas about growth and complexity, a process of accumulation, building visual and rhythmic complexity over 59 secs.


The Gates Project The Bruce High Quality Foundation / USA 2005
A Miniature Gate in Hot Pursuit of a Miniature Central Park


Hand Ballet Herve Constant / USA 2005
Hand gestures evoking emotions such as tension, aggression and tenderness.


CuriosityHerve Constant / USA 2005
Cath Diaz looking around herself. She has become a person we are looking at. Her seeing is recording which effect she has around her.


2006 Irina Danilova and Hiram Levy / Ukraine / USA 2006
Just watch while wish comes true.


Water Craig Downing / USA 2005
With Tina Lemond, an ambiguous story with friends, enemies, a mysterious traveler and an old wooden door.


The End Andrew Eyman / USA 2000
Video montage of endings from films made during the Golden Era of 1950s Hollywood.


Streetymades Andrew Eyman / USA 2004
Collection of photos taken in the streets of Paris as a sort of recycled tribute to Marcel Duchamp with Edith Piaf accompaniment.


The Middle of Bridge Sinasi Gunes / Turkey 2005
A bridge that connects the east and the west.The liveliness of west meets the serenity of the east. Suicides happen in the middle where two cultures meet...


Still Life: Lulla-bye Rev C. Hite / USA 2005
Clutter and chaos become art as a baby wails and an insipid mother distractedly sings of her only source of provision; "teat'a pie"


Reception Alana Kakoyiannis / USA 2005
Cell phone ring tones are used as a window into the identities of the people I encountered in Marrakech.


A portrait of a young man in a dog movie Ian Keller / USA 2005


Mickey vs mikey USA 2005 / Michael Lione


Rituali Urbani Masimo Lovisco / Italy 2005
Song of Milan supporters - Inspiration from asphalt football field in suburbs of Potenza where somebody wrote 59 Potenza Calcio.


Pulp Circle 359° 59' 59" J.P.Maruszczak / USA 2005
Pulping the city 359 degrees, 59 minutes and 59 seconds at a time.


Me to tango Lucia Warck Meister /Argentina - USA 2005
A mirrored image of a woman dancing in front of a window depicts her loneliness.


Rock paper scissors Valerie Opielski / USA 2005
A fractured, visceral study of texture, mood and shadow.


Stairway to lightbringer Vahid Rahimi / USA 2005


Among the Cars Marilena Preda Sanc / Romania 2005
A video metaphor regard our city daily life focused on a city image mandala including my bodyscape projected on an aggressive backround.


Melon Chronicles Jeffrey Scott / USA 2005


The absurdity of shaving Ryan Smith / USA 2005


Duna Jessie Stead / USA 2004-2005 Abstract animation potentially suggests everything from censorship to ontological meditation....


NO OW NOW Gerd Stern / USA 2005
A three part mantra plus


Plastic Walk Ingrid Taro / Italy / USA 2005
Related to the action of walking, in this case upside down, using plastic as a diffuse object its here used like land.


Back to the Reality Ingrid Taro / Italy / USA 2005
Open the eyes again to the outside world, so far and so close at the same time.


ARTIST(insect bee) Regina Vater / USA 2005


Smoker's Heart Beat Mike Werner / USA 2005


I see CHINA 59 Lili White / USA 2005 Inspired by Charles Demuths painting. Stick-like elements based in Chinese calligraphy strokes to count out the 59 seconds along with American and Chinese numerals.


The Interview Dan Van Winkle / USA 2005


Chasing 59 Project 59 (USA) / 2006
There are many 59's around. Check them out for yourself.


Collaboration Project 59 / 2006 USA
Every video we managed to download from the 2nd One Second Video Festival

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