59 seconds video festival  
Now I Got Worry 59 59 Numerical Portrait 59 59 Both Ends

New Arrivals After February 28, 2006


Extracreato Luca Acito and Dario Carmetano (Italy) 2006
Sound: Heyehela Africa God is the creator in sixty seconds, Satan is the extra-creator in 59.


Trumped Autum Andel with Christopher Covel and Rick Guinan (USA) 2007
The amount of consumption does not always equal mass


59 Seconds of Pause Estelle Artus (France) 2006 with Alain K. and Christophe Gay


Blank (59 strangers) Estelle Artus (France) 2007
Time Square: people come and go in a permanent flow. All of them have a name, a job, some friends and family, a goal, and a lot of shopping bags. Among these well handled destinies a tiny shadow suddenly appears…


59 Random Russian Words Igor Baskin (Russia) 2007
Russian language learning 'Express method


59 steps (to the water) Angelica Bergamini(USA)2008
In a hot summer day, only 59 steps separate me from the sea.


Pen and Paper Emily Broadbent (Australia) 2007
A mysterious message is being written!


Water in between Sofia Bustorff(Portugal) 2007


59seconds for…love Serena Calò (Italy) 2006
Ti amo. 5 letters, 9 ways.


The mass of the Phoenix (Bam-Bam) Lorena Celemengo and Lukas Saizopath (Spain) 2008 Sound: “#3”, Job Carma; “the choking swan”, mentally??distorted
In the everyday death, life is the next moment …


9-11? Giorgio Celon (Italy) 2006


Last Breath Giorgio Celon (Italy) 2007
a businessman that has lost all his/her fortune in the Exchange after years of a hard job….


bradycardia Quin Charity (USA) 2007
A calm quiet love letter, “bradycardia” describes an arrhythmia when the resting heartbeat is slower than 60 beats a minute.


59 Steps Herve Constant (UK) 2006
Chilling tale of ones man's descent into madness.


Opus 59 Herve Constant (UK) 2006
A dream when the sight of the moon altogether becomes a target and a void.


Dance in 59 Seconds Herve Constant (UK) 2007
Strolling with my camera in hand along the banks of the Serpentine, I lingered at a favorite spot, near the boating section, ... Everyone was doing their own thing …it was peaceful, glorious …


59 Pixels of Grain Aleksey Danilov (Australia) 2008
Music by Nat Andrews Photo by John Hayes


Sign 59 Irina Danilova (USA) 1998-2006
Apex of urban minute


Moustache Avi Dabach (Israel) 2005
Eli is shaving in front of the mirror, making faces to himself. What if he get stuck with one of them?


59 Worms Carine Doerflinger (Germany) 2006
59 meat-eating worms move in all directions and shout "oh, oh..." because they step on one another and suffer from it. Do worms really feel and suffer...


Recollection Zoran Dragelj (Canada) 2006
Psychological flashback that registers like memories or dream-like longings.


Elevate Zoran Dragelj (Canada) 2006
Movement becomes a subject. Apparent motion is put into parallel with the artistic form of cinema.


Fast Zoran Dragelj (Canada) 2005
A burst of imaginative and dreamy panoramas.


No Signal Franck Dubois (France) 2008
59 seconds without any images signal, a standard DV (!) A pause and a questioning about what spectators are “watching”


RUBERO 59 Damian Duran (Argentina) 2007
Be careful with your fantasies… they can become real.


There is an error Daniel Fiamozzi (Italy) 2008
A transmission of an indecipherable sequence of words and numbers… A perplexingdiscourse forming by images and words without sense…


Prima di tutto insegnami la neve Anna Finetti (Italy) 2006


Would you like to dance with me for 59 seconds? Anna Finetti (Italy) 2006


Time and its Measure Vincenzo Frattini (Italy) 2006
Establishing a connection between two elements, space and time, so obsessively present in our daily life and art.


59¢ Tova Beck-Friedman (USA) 2008 Music: Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” 59¢ refers to a button worn in the 1970s (based on the claim that a woman earned 59 cents to an equally qualified man's dollar).


AGN 59V Alberto Gallingani (Italy) 2006
59 seconds attacked with incursions of external facts.


AGN 59 2oV Alberto Gallingani (Italy) 2008
Everything considered…


59 (piglet) Giorgio Garippa (UK) 2007
A little dead pig is shaken as if trying to be ressuscitated back to life. A metaphore of human existence...


Stalker of Chaplin Nora Gergely (Hungary) 2006
Friendship, and the connection of soul in art and dream.


HIGHWAY Antanas Gerlikas (Lithuania) 2007
…I like to end my letter writing letters, which have certain sound signals, the sounds made by vehicles. Certain combinations of letters creates their sound, weight ...


59 Memories About Landscape And People Stefano Giannotti (Italy) 2008 A series of 59 visual memories taken from everyday life are strictly connected with 59 different notes played on piano.


59 Views of the Ambassador Bridge Adam Glover (Canada) 2006
Many things happen at once especially in a compositional 59 seconds.


Burning Sinasi Gunes (Turkey) 2006


Dance all night Esther Harris (UK) 2002
A condensation of a section of the ballet “The Nutcracker”, directly from the television screen, a dream is transcribed into a nightmare


Gold words for you Ricardo Morales Hernández (Puerto Rico) 2006
In daily living, we need words of wisdom.


The Hair Gianni Iannitto (Italy) 2006
In Neapolitan culture, what happens in life is codified by numbers in "La Smorfia" with the number 59 meaning the hair.


bring me back_HIGH Jessica Iapino (Italy) 2007 music by Alessandro Landi A video work about impotence and constriction; It represents the moment in which one’s soul detaches from the body.


A Finger Orchestra Jinho Im (USA) 2006 In a insipid daily life we usually hit fingers on things daily.


Frames with 59 repetitions in the study of a scream Carolina Kohan (Argentina) 2007
an abstract journey to reconstruct the scream of a baby


The card game Jonah and Emma Levy (USA) 2008
A winning hand…


Miss Concetta R.L.(born in Naples 1927)
Lello Lopez (Italy) 2007
She lives in solitude, she lives on her memories. ”59”is a date that represents a happy moment in her sad life.


To Rise Again Raffaella Losapio (Italy) 2006


Drying Maria Lynch (UK) 2007
59 seconds was the precise time it took the panties to get dry, you can try you self.


59 Angelo Pretolani/Gombrowicz (Italy) 2008


Cube Persefoni Marlaka (Greece) 2007
The briefest battle of chance vs logic.


Maseda Marcello Mantegazza (Italy) 2007


Beyond the Garden Giosue Marongiu (Italy) 2008 music by Giosue Marongiu and Mario Macciocco


59 Shoots Antonello Matarazzo (Italy) 2007
A family portrait


Roundabout Moio&Sivelli (Italy) 2006
Turn the routine around a traffic island into a dizzy rhythm of sounds, lights and colours.


Your race number is 59 Emanuele Napolitano&Francesco Petricca (Italy) 2008 Dedicated to John Michael Hawthorn, 1958 Formula One Champion, who had a terrible crash that killed 82 spectators and died in a mysterious auto accident in ’59.


Zapping Diego Nessi (Uruguay) 2007
Reflection of a moment in everyday life. A person is reflected on a TV monitor…the TV is turned on and the person “disappears”.


Tra spettatore e superficie (between spectator and surface) Giovanni Oberti (Italy) 2008
Sound: Daniele Galimberti


59 secondi per…/ 59 seconds to… Antonio Patrizio (Italy) 2006 A suggestive silence that tells how hard it is to communicate in our society.


59 seconds (time is a convention) Cristina Pavesi (Italy) 2006 59 seconds … may be extremely long or extremely short, it is a matter of everyone's personal living.


59:59:23:7.8 Scott Piscitelli (USA) 2006
59 bolts in 59:23 seconds over the Empire State over 118 minutes (59x2). Multiples of the Schumann resonance of 7.8 Hz


Position 59 Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007
59 pesos. Section 59 in the biggest Argentinian
newspaper classified ads (a.k.a. “prostitutes section”). Ad number 59….


590 Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007
Integrates 4 individual videos: 3 of them 177 seconds long (59x3) and another one 59 seconds long, all together – 590.


59 Seconds Break Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007
This film is intended for this festival exclusively ….it should be placed in the middle…to give a break to the viewers…


Gone In Less Than 60 Seconds (59) Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007 A 1974 film stated that 60 seconds is all the time a thief needs to steal a car. Sometimes not even less than 60 seconds are enough…


Desensibilization (59 times should be plenty) Javier J. Plano (Argentina) 2007 We suffer from empathy when witnessing another person’s pain. What happen when we see that action over and over again (59 times)?


Perfect Family II Project 59 (USA) 2006 with Sarah, Rosa, Ilyusha and Zhenya Lidsky. Kids count.


Songs of Israel Project 59 (USA) 2005-6


Weather and Traffic Project 59 (USA) 2006


and Football Project 59 (USA) 2006


Futbolito Nicolas Raddatz (Uruguay) 2007
Uruguay strikes a goal, players dancing euphorically, score is even, an unlucky pass, Germany has the ball, one more goal and the match finishes….


The Dream Androniki Rapti (Greece) 2008
A personal dream where the number of 59 is the main point of the story.


59 Revolutions Mike Ricos and Caroline Louis (USA) 2007
A fan turns. A series of 59 revolutionary images are shown.


59 Days to the end … of the beginning Angelo Riviello, Gino Scannapieco (Italy) 2006


Angelo Riviello & David Bowie Angelo Riviello (Italy) 2006
same day, same month, same year


LUCE! LUCE! Angelo Riviello (Italy) 2007
Ironic homage to Italy in its 59th year since the 1st Republic (4/18/1949)…


Streams Alexandra Robson (UK) 2007
A dream sequence of sorts, mixing memory and fantasy, connecting journeys between disconnected spaces…


Take 59 Deborah Rosenberg (USA) 2007
The making of the future film “Director’s Folly”, in which the director takes the same two-line scene 59 times…


The making of “Take 59” Deborah F. Rosenberg (USA) 2007
… participants in “Take 59” discuss their experience…


Take 59: Out takes Deborah F. Rosenberg (USA) 2007
2007 ….scenes from “Take 59” (and “The Making of ‘Take 59’”) that never made it into the video… ad-libs are discouraged ….


59II Michele Santarsiere (Italy) 2007


59 Girolamo Santulli (Italy) 2007
Both sequences intentionally overlapped generate a probable number, not a sequential one.


OTTO – EIGHT Chiara Scarfo’ (Italy) 2006
8 as the infinite turned upside down repeating, a dreamt deja vu or a real dream or an unknown reality…Shot in building 8 between buildings 5 and 9


Global Warning Ursula Scherrer (USA) 2007
…the increasing urgency of Global Warming…


DIZZYWORK 1-4-5-9-8-2 Anka Schmid (Switzerland) 2006-7 Elena has a magic encounter with her working clones. First there are 4, than 5, then 9, 8 and 2 of her. Is it real or just a dream?


the métropolitan corrector Robert Schwarz & Anne Le Morvan (France) 2007 In the Parisian subway we are witness of a traveller’s strange behavior.


BERLINO59 Valter Luca Signorile (Italy) 2007
A reconstruction of a 59second dream,… A methaphysical courtesy in rewind through a glimpse of restlessness…


Broken H-H-Ha…Egg Zvonka Simcic (Slovenia) 2000
A gently erotic play metaphorically symbolizing creation.


Dolly No. 95 Zvonka Simcic (Slovenia) 2000/2007
Sound: Katarina Visnar
Like question, like answer. Like servant, like master. Like life, like disaster.


Plastics Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy) 2007


Preference Gruppo Sinestetico (Italy) 2008


Inspector Collector Spoons Harley Spiller (USA) 2007


Traffic Love II Traffic Love Collective (Australia) 2007
A brief interlude between two very different population transporters


59 Catches Regina Vater (USA) 2006
Images of sailing and fishing as metaphors for works of culture.


59 is the key Valerio Veneruso (Italy) 2006
59 solves the Sudoku.


59 seconds to be happy... Marco Villani (Italy) 2007
smoking opium, 59 on the foil


U-turn Franz Wanner (Germay) 2006
Having and being breakfast.


VA VH Chia-hua Wu (UK) 2007 … the video exists as an individual with both its inner (coded memory) and skin (visual presentation)…. It correlates individuals… and the ‘whole’ in this huge environmental net.


Hypochondria Mariana Bertoldi Youssef (Brazil) 2007 Sound: Atelier do Vitche
After 58 diseases, a man concludes he is sick again.

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