59 seconds video festival  
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Second Screening (09·29·2005)


Bridge over troubled water Petri Ala-Maunus / Finland 2005 You live your life from the beginning to the final end and the guardian angle takes care of you. Just relax.


redsmackrack Jeff Bauer and Melania Semerad-Radulescu / USA 2005 Eggs, blueberries and cheap red wine were harmed in the making of this film.


Dream House Michele Beck/USA Jorge Calvo/Costa Rica
Manipulated image and sound used to create a window into a conflict of memory and reparation through destruction of the past and present.


59 names in 59 seconds Horia Cadariu/Romania 2005
59 names, mostly made up, based on the Romanian language and its multiethnic influences, scrolling on the screen while read by myself.


The Bourgeois Carine Doerflinger / Germany 2004
The pigs are like the bourgeois, aren't they?


The Twins Carine Doerflinger / Germany 2002
Two mice run one after the other and try to catch up.


Mosquito Carine Doerflinger / Germany 2001
A mosquito sticks on a fly-paper, soundtrack by Edith Piaf - will she get away?


Sol Invictus Alistair Gentry / UK 2005
Introduction to the video installation ‘His Majesty’; a nocturnal play for spirits.


Gas Em Ianthe Jackson / USA 2005
Animated drawn paper cut outs explore the intersection of contemporary social constructs and attempt to walk through social boundaries.


If you don’t call me back… Alain K. camera Sophie Pigeron/France 2004 Each separation related to our emotional life sends us back to...separation from the mother’s breast... Necessary Renunciations by J. Viorst


The Girl-Helicopter G. Myznikova and S. Provorov, camera, light: V. Skuchayev/Russia 2004 The girl has long and beautiful hair. In order to dry it quicker she turns head from side to side. This looks like a helicopter.


A LITTLE MEDITATION Myriam Thyes video & voice/Germany 2002 The animation of the Yin&Yang symbol shows in a playful way: polarities/opposites complete and influence each other...




TRANSIT Franz Wasserman / Austria 2001
A video in between...


Beauty No. 4 Victor Barbieri / USA 2004
Beauty No. 4 begs for the suspension of disbelief balancing precariously between, seduction and illusion.


Breath Franz Wasserman / Austria 2003
A video with my father in his hour of death.


Mediated Raina Benoit / USA 2005 The sense of powerlessness is explored in a media-controlled world. The TV is reintroduced as a hauntingly active agent incubating my identity as a woman and self in society.


China Diary, 59 Buddahs Alexandra Dementieva, sound Missfit / Belgium 2003 Long camera move over Chinese sanctuary filled up with Buddha figures.


The stuntmen Carine Doerflinger / Germany 2004
An incident in Paris


Avocado Carine Doerflinger / Germany 2001
Inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale. The plant has got it.


Echos from the Ho Chi Minh diary Dorothea Fleiss / Germany 2005


colorant Josephine Lipuma/USA 2005 Through image processing/colorization/visual effects/sound & tight editing of public domain footage, viewers are guided from pretty into their own internal voice to confront bias.


Rocco K Alain K. music S. Gainsbourg/France 2003 ..for if I want to be an artist, if I do it seriously, I still want to look like a jerk... You know, however, that to “jerk” has another meaning? ..You are so right doctor...


ASCENSION Myriam Thyes flute, Myriam Thyes/Germany 2004 The glass elevator at the luxurious hotel Marriott Marquis in New York brings you to "heaven"... We...tought to strive for higher things - success, wealth, honour...


The Cave Guo Shiau Pei with Yan Chung Hsien / Taiwan 2005 We danced in the white cave try to pretend that we are the excrement in the intestines and be excreted.


The Gods Yan Chung Hsien/Taiwan 2005 The gods are playing in the playground… The gods are fabric. The gods are anonymous. The gods are amusingly powerful. The gods are oriental. The gods are sentimental.


Annche la parola uccide GRUPPO SINESTETICO / Italy


Take For Granted Isidore Bethel / USA 2005
A shirt escapes the laundry unbeknownst to its owner.

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