59 seconds video festival  
Now I Got Worry 59 59 Numerical Portrait 59 59 Both Ends

First Screening (07·13·2005)


The Dream Jeremey Newman / IL, USA 2004
An experimental video short in which a sleeping vision becomes abstract narrative. Patterns of light and variations in pacing suggest an evolution in perception.


Stop Tarting Lisa Wigren / Jacqueline Forzelius / Sweden/Norway A request to do-it-yourself.


Bah Bah Are Hauffen / Norway 2005
With an imbecile attitude towards life in rural areas, the sheep came to equal a something with four legs from a child's play in the garden.


Kaleidoscope LuLu LoLo / NY, USA
A Montage of LuLu LoLo's sculptured headpieces and Mal Occhio (Evel Eye) Wheel.


I Love You Szacsva y Pa'l / Hungary
The piece is about loving somebody.


Pause:play André Gonçalves / Portugal
An analog short break, a reminiscence to the times when tuning the antenna was the option to keep watching your favorite program.


The First Cut Catherine MacGregor / Paul O'Keefe / UK
Part of a series of work, entitled "Violent Beauty" which looks at the aesthetics of pain.


Boy With a Ball Victor Barbieri / CA, USA
A portrait of adolescence with its undercurrent tensions, ambiguities and rebellions.


Freeze Akiko and Masako Takada / UK 2004
Plastic packages are transformed into a cityscape. Gradually it becomes frosted and frozen over. The scene captures the moment of natural transformation.


Run From It Norm Scott / NY, USA
All the joy and horror of growing up, distilled into one 59 second jaunt down a steep cow pasture in Southwest Virginia.


Hope Frank Oudeman / NY, USA 2005


cart-ography Lora Alaniz / USA
A real-time video documenting the mundane existence of a shopping cart's wheel.


Chakra Brooks Williams / NY, USA 2005


Contortion Mikkel Wettre / Norway 2003
Originally made as part of a sculpture-installation, its purpose was to bring movement and a sensation of time into a rigid presentation.


Saddamites Fereshteh Toosi/Mark Dixon,Tsvika Solan PA, USA Inspired by Saddam Hussein's use of body doubles, the video documents a visit to Washington DC wearing Saddam masks on his birthday in 2003.


Connect! Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio della Marina / Italy 2005 You never know what you may find at the end of a long cable.A video about what cannot miss in a well connected world.


Buster Diana Kingsley / NY, USA 2004
"A moth-like lantern fly flutters between a flower and a window, beating its wings against the glass..." Oona Stern A Little Slapstick, artnet.com


59 Pellets David Lachman / MA, USA
A short video about Zami, a cat with a will to eat. She loves her pellets and won't be distracted from them for too long.


Virtual Vision Gruppo Sinestetico / Italy 2003


Self Portrait Yu-Chen Chiu / USA 2005
An experimental video about the inner self-discovery through the reflection of a mirror.


Both Ends David Lachman / MA, USA A meditation on burning the candle at both ends. Can we take the time to just enjoy the smoke? Interesting patterns are created in the swirls and wisps, such as the number 59.


Joey Gets Milk John H. Malone / NY, USA 2005
Joey leaves his home to get some milk...


59 Segundos | da imitacao da vida Sofia Bustorff / Portugal 2005 A memory taken to remember the night anticipating the dawn.


2x Mark Ther / Andy Brody / Czech Republic
Slow-motion view of big glasses belonging to someone.


Go Cinzia Cremona/UK 2005 A curious glance at a woman on her own in her home, and at women going about their daily life that lingers in the eyes of a young girl on the threshold of becoming a woman.


16 Stones Radim Labuda / Czech Republic 2005
Deleuze, Guattari - Anti-Oedipus narrated by Martin C. Schmidt


Dance Piece Erik Moskowitz / Sasha Biganthal and Monique Safford / NY, USA 2005
The dance is first referenced by the dancers' own commentary: "Jumping up and down..."


Una Pelicula Du Cinema Retrato Reverso Lloyd Blander / Aaron Krach / NY, USA 2004
A moment, a wish, captured, held and released.


Rainstorm Akiko and Masako Takada/UK 2004 A rainy urban city changing to a rainstorm. A tragic sense of narrative in the vanishing city, and yet the scene is at the end contained within a fictional space of a small glass.


Vrnitev: Sorisos Di Topolo (Smiles of Topolo) Katherine Liberovskaya/Canada Based on the video-audio project of interviews with about 40 inhabitants that live in the Slovenian/Italian border viallage year-round.


The World Is All That Is The Case Michael Szpakowski / UK Constructed entirely of stills taken on a cell phone camera & subsequently animated, with the final addition of an especially composed musical score.


Expensive Look Without the Expensive Price Mauro Ceolin/Italy 2005, sound Inuit Wedding by Saintkho "The drawing of a global skyline, traced on a statistical inquiry of the most visited and photographed places.." L. Carcano


I never thought my sinus would betray me Julia Tell/Galit Levy/NJ, USA 2005 ...A video...based on the idea to use x-rays as material to watch video images through. The story of Galit's journey through a hospital.


Blind Spots Jenny Vogel / NY, USA 2005
A close-up of an eye with the reflection of a TV continuously switching channels. The reflection of the TV replaces the pupil as the eye is scanning the images.


Irregular Jennifer Beth Guerin / AZ, USA
Explores a culturally saturated icon (the heart) and re-presents it in an unfamiliar way to suggest a more complex reading of fundamental human feelings.


LIX Dubi Kaufmann / IL, USA 2005
LIX is 59 in Roman numerals and it all started from there...


59 in Time Antonio Della Marina / Italy
59 divisions of coloured time. Will something happen out of the blue?


Borderpass BridA / Slovenija 2004
The border crossing is ever present deep within us and becomes a metaphor for all our border crossings, which were crossed and ever will be crossed by us.


Bee Petting David Lachman / MA, USA
Bee Petting explores a childhood memory of petting bees.... Don't try this at home.


Twenty-Six Randall Wakerlin / OR, USA
One self portrait every day for a year.


Hitler, the First Superstar Darya Zhuk/Belarus 2004
A study in deconstruction of Leni Refienstahl's Triumph des Willens sequence. Hitler's speech at Nuremberg rally is edited to leave him speechless on the podium.


Perfect Family Irina Danilova, Hiram Levy (Ukraine/USA 2005) Sarah, Rosa and Yelena Lidsky, Ignat Ayzenberg and dog Laila. Every family has mementos... Sometime you have to stop breakfast in order to catch one.

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