59 seconds video festival  
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At the first three screenings, only positive votes were collected. At all others - positive and negative. Nevertheless the ranking for each screening was based on positive votes. Negative votes were only considered when positives were equal. The final selection is based on the same scheme. Only a few works would noticeably change their place if ranked by net percentage. Videos that incorporate number 59 in any manner are listed in color. 3 videos with high scores but less than 100 voters are listed at the end.

1.  MOUSTACHE  by Avi Dabach (Israel) positive: 77%, negative: 1%
Eli is shaving in front of the mirror, making faces to himself.
What if he gets stuck with one of them?

2.  TWENTY-SIX  by Randall Wakerlin (OR, USA) positive: 64%, negative: 3%
One self portrait every day for a year.

3.  AMNEZAC  by FULANA (NY, USA) positive: 58%, negative: 6%
Do you feel anxiety about world events ...? You may be suffering
from Historical Memoritis... AMNEZAC: The Most Powerful
Anti-Historiamine on the Market.

4.  ME TO TANGO  by Lucia Warck Meister (Argentina/USA) positive: 55%, negative: 6%
A mirrored image of a woman dancing in front of a window depicts her loneliness.

5.  BAH BAH  by Are Hauffen (Norway) positive: 55%, negative: 7%
With an imbecile attitude towards life in rural areas, the sheep came
to equal a something with four legs from a child's play in the garden.


6. 59 PELLETS  by David Lachman (MA, USA) positive: 54%, negative: 6%
A short video about Zami, a cat with a will to eat. She loves her pellets
and won't be distracted from them for too long.

7.  A FINGER ORCHESTRA  by Jinho Im (NY, USA) positive: 51%, negative: 5%
In a insipid daily life we usually hit fingers on things daily.

8.  POSITION 59  by Javier J. Plano (Argentina) positive: 50%, negative: 4%
59 pesos. Section 59 in the biggest Argentinian newspaper
classified ads (a.k.a. “prostitutes section”). Ad number 59….

9.  HITLER, THE FIRST SUPERSTAR  by Darya Zhuk (Belarus) positive: 49%, negative: 6%
A study in deconstruction of Leni Refienstahl's Triumph des Willens sequence. Hitler's speech at Nuremberg rally is edited to leave him
speechless on the podium.

10.  RAINSTORM  by Akiko and Masako Takada (UK/Japan) positive: 47%, negative: 7%
A rainy urban city changing to a rainstorm. A tragic sense of
narrative in the vanishing city, and yet the scene is at the end
contained within a fictional space of a small glass.


11.  LIX  by Dubi Kaufmann (IL, USA) positive: 46%, negative: 9%
LIX is 59 in Roman numerals and it all started from there...

12. HYPOCHONDRIA  by Mariana Bertoldi Youssef (Brazil) positive: 43%, negative: 7%
After 58 diseases, a man concludes he is sick again.

13.  ORDER  by Sara Rajaei & Hadas Itzkovitch (Iran/Netherlands/Israel) positive: 43%, negative: 8%
Arrangement or disposition, relation and rhythm.

14.  PIRTS  by Franz Wanner (Germany) positive: 43%, negative: 9%
Occurence in the summer in the fields, a hommage.

by Stefano Giannotti (Italy)
positive: 43%, negative: 11%
A series of 59 visual memories taken from everyday life are
strictly connected with 59 different notes played on piano.


16.  59 WORMS  by Carine Doerflinger (Germany) positive: 43%, negative: 11%
59 meat-eating worms move in all directions and shout "oh, oh..."
because they step on one another and suffer from it.
Do worms really feel and suffer...

17.  BLANK (59Strangers)  by  Estelle Artus (France) positive: 42%, negative: 7%
Time Square: people come and go in a permanent flow. All of them have a name, a job, some friends and family, a goal, and a lot of shopping bags. Among these well handled destinies a tiny shadow suddenly appears…

18.  THE GODS  by Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan) positive: 42%, negative: 10%
The gods are playing in the playground… The gods are fabric.
The gods are anonymous. The gods are amusingly powerful.
The gods are oriental. The gods are sentimental.

19.  BROKEN H-H-HA…EGG  by  Zvonka Simcic (Slovenia) positive: 41%, negative: 11%
A gently erotic play metaphorically symbolizing creation.

20.  DIZZYWORK 1-4-5-9-8-2  by Anka Schmid (Switzerland) positive: 41%, negative: 11%
Elena has a magic encounter with her working clones. First there
are 4, then 5, then 9, 8 and 2 of her. Is it real or just a dream?


21.  PERFECT FAMILY  by  Project 59 (NY, USA) positive: 40%, negative: 6%
Sarah, Rosa and Yelena Lidsky, Ignat Ayzenberg and dog Laila.
Every family has mementos... Sometime you have to
stop breakfast in order to catch one.

22.  DANCE IN 59 SECONDS  by Herve Constant (UK) positive: 40%, negative: 10%
Strolling with my camera in hand along the banks of the Serpentine, I lingered at a favorite spot, near the boating section, ... Everyone
was doing their own thing … it was peaceful, glorious …

23.  IF YOU DON'T CALL ME BACK ...  by Alain K.; camera: Sophie Pigeron (France) positive: 40%, negative: 15%
Each separation related to our emotional life sends us back to...separation from the mother’s breast... Necessary Renunciations by J. Viorst

24.  59 ENDINGS  by Andrew Eyman (USA) positive: 39%, negative: 5%
Video montage of endings from films made during the Golden Era
of 1950s Hollywood.

25.  59 LANGUAGES  by Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland) positive: 39%, negative: 13%
59 languages in 59 seconds.


26.  59 RANDOM RUSSIAN WORDS  by Igor Baskin (Russia) positive: 38%, negative: 8%
Russian language learning "Express method"

27.  SADDAMITES  by Fereshteh Toosi, Mark Dixon, Tsvika Solan
positive: 38%, negative: 9%
Inspired by Saddam Hussein's use of body doubles, the video documents
a visit to Washington DC wearing Saddam masks on his birthday in 2003.

28.  59 SHOOTS  by Antonello Matarazzo (Italy) positive: 37%, negative: 10%
A family portrait

29.  DRYING  by Maria Lynch (UK) positive: 37%, negative: 13%
59 seconds was the precise time it took the panties to get dry,
you can try you self.

30.  TAKE FOR GRANTED  by Isidore Bethel (USA) positive: 36%, negative: 5%
A shirt escapes the laundry unbeknownst to its owner.


31.  RUBERO 59  by Damian Duran (Argentina) positive: 36%, negative: 7%
Be careful with your fantasies… they can become real.

32.  ASCENSION  by Myriam Thyes; flute: Myriam Thyes (Germany) positive: 36%, negative: 9%
The glass elevator at the luxurious hotel Marriott Marquis in New York
brings you to "heaven"... We are taught to strive for
higher things - success, wealth, honour...

33.  THIS LOVE  by Tsui-lun Liu (Taiwan/Germany) positive: 36%, negative: 11%
It is farewell. Her pet is dead. She decides to keep the little body forever.
It should not get rotten, but stays "lively" as ever beside her ...

34.  HEY SWEETHEART  by Craig Downing (USA) positive: 36%, negative: 11%
Two people [Tim Brown and Ryan Davis] rebel against their parents' wishes. A tale about culture, choices and different socio-economic backgrounds.

35.  BE PETTING  by David Lachman (MA, USA) positive: 36%, negative: 13%
Bee Petting explores a childhood memory of petting bees....
Don't try this at home.


36.  THE TWINS  by Carine Doerflinger (Germany) positive: 35%, negative: 10%
Two mice run one after the other and try to catch up.

37.  59 STEPS (to the water)  by Angelica Bergamini (USA)
positive: 35%, negative: 19%
In a hot summer day, only 59 steps separate me from the sea.

38.  MISS CONCETTA R.L.(Born in Naples 1927)  by Lello Lopez (Italy)  positive: 34%, negative: 11%
She lives in solitude, she lives on her memories. ”59”is a date that represents a happy moment in her sad life.

39.  THE BOURGEOIS  by Carine Doerflinger (Germany) positive: 33%, negative: 10%
The pigs are like the bourgeois, aren't they?

40.  STREETYMADES  by Andrew Eyman (CA, USA) positive: 33%, negative: 11%
Collection of photos taken in the streets of Paris as a sort of recycled tribute to Marcel Duchamp with Edith Piaf accompaniment.


41.  BLIND SPOTS by Jenny Vogel (NY, USA) positive: 33%, negative: 11%
A close-up of an eye with the reflection of a TV continuously switching channels. The reflection of the TV replaces the pupil as the eye is
scanning the images.

42.  59 SECONDS BREAK  by Javier J. Plano (Argentina) positive: 33%, negative: 11%
This film is intended for this festival exclusively ….it should be placed in the middle…to give a break to the viewers…

43.  FREEZE  by Akiko and Masako Takada (UK/Japan) positive: 32%, negative: 8%
Plastic packages are transformed into a cityscape. Gradually it becomes frosted and frozen over. The scene captures the moment of natural transformation.

44.  BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER  by Petri Ala-Maunus (Finland) positive: 32%, negative: 11%
You live your life from the beginning to the final end and
the guardian angle takes care of you. Just relax.

45.  THE CARD GAME  by Jonah and Emma Levy (Maine, USA) positive: 32%, negative: 16%
A winning hand…


46.  EXTRACREATO  by Luca Acito and Dario Carmetano (Italy); Sound: Heyehela Africa positive: 31%, negative: 11%
God is the creator in sixty seconds, Satan is the extra-creator in 59.

47.  COLLABORATION  by Project 59 (NY, USA) positive: 31%, negative: 13%
Every video we managed to download from the 2nd One Second Video Festival

48.  annche la parola uccide  by GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Italy) positive: 31%, negative: 14%
"words can kill"

49.  CUBE  by  Persefoni Marlaka (Greece) positive: 30%, negative: 6%
The briefest battle of chance vs logic.

50.  THE STUNTMEN by Carine Doerflinger (Germany) positive: 30%, negative: 10%
An incident in Paris


51.  59 REVOLUTIONS  by  Mike Ricos and Caroline Louis (USA) positive: 29%, negative: 8%
A fan turns. A series of 59 revolutionary images are shown.

52.  A LITTLE MEDITATION  by Myriam Thyes video & voice (Germany)  positive: 29%, negative: 10%
The animation of the Yin&Yang symbol shows in a playful way: polarities/opposites complete and influence each other...

53.  CONNECT!  by Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio della Marina (Italy)  positive: 29%, negative: 11%
You never know what you may find at the end of a long cable.
A video about what cannot miss in a well connected world.

54.  59 SECONDS FOR...LOVE  by Serena Calò (Italy) positive: 28%, negative: 9%
Ti amo. 5 letters, 9 ways.

55.  BOTH ENDS  by David Lachman (MA, USA) positive: 28%, negative: 13%
Meditation on burning the candle at both ends. Can we take the time
to just enjoy the smoke? Interesting patterns are created
in the swirls and wisps, such as the number 59.

56.  VRNITEV: SORISOS DI TOPOLO (Smiles of Topolo)  by
Katherine Liberovskaya (Canada) 
positive: 27%, negative: 12%
Based on the video-audio project of interviews with about 40 inhabitants that live in the Slovenian/Italian border viallage year-round.


Videos with less than 100 voters:

57.  AVOCADO  by Carine Doerflinger (Germany)
positive: 54%, negative: 8%
Inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale. The plant has got it.

58.  FRIGID CONTACT  by Krsto Zlatkov; Director Dejan Dzolev (Macedonia) positive: 47%, negative: 6%
The contact between two persons, who dash into one plastic adventure...

59.  THE CAVE  by Guo Shiau Pei with Yan Chung Hsien (Taiwan) positive: 43%, negative: 12%
We danced in the white cave trying to pretend that we are
the excrement in the intestines and being excreted.

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