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"If 30-second TV commercials can bear the burden of our entire economy, just think what you could do with 59 seconds. Starting last July, the New York City-based 59 Seconds International Video festival put out three global calls, and received everything from tragedies to mini-documentaries. Incarnations of the show have screened from Tribeca and Seattle to Kyrgyzstan…"

                                       Bill O'Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper (June 21-28, 2006)


"Maximum entertainment in minimum time..."

                                                  San Francisco Bay Guardian (December 7, 2005)


"What's the best thing you could do for yourself in 59 seconds? You could eat a taquito, take a really long pee, put on your socks and shoes-or you could see a creative and thought-provoking international film. The ideal film festival for those with short attention spans..."

                                                 San Diego CityBEAT (December 14, 2005)




"The films include a wide range of techniques and themes: funny, poignant, raunchy, serious, poetic - and always surprising.

[Screening was] invigorating, inspiring, and very entertaining!."

                                                     Trilby Schreiber, Digital Art Department, SVA


"Last Thursday I brought my friend, Marsha Zandi, to the 59 Second Film Festival. She had a blast. She sat there in the dark, scribbling furiously on her program as each of the masterpieces unfolded. When she finished her paper was a mass of thoughts reflecting ideas of what could be done in a future…."

                       Anthony Mournian mournian@sandiego.edu (December 17, 2005)


This afternoon brings to a close "Plugged In Fest III.. Were I to single out one work of distinction in this Biennial, I would recognize "59 Seconds Video Festival" without hesitation. The concept of the project and the remarkable variety of human experiences expressed by many international artists is both rich and broad. I base my opinion not only in terms of my own response to "59 Seconds Video Festival," but also by taking into account the very positive reactions from our audience as well."

         Bruce Brown, Center for Maine Contemporary Art Curator (March 12, 2006)


"Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the selection of films very much, and hope that we can eventually get our library to purchase a DVD of the final festival lineup, when that becomes available!"

         Hank Okazaki Exhibitions Programmer, Duke University Film/Video/Digital                                                                                       Program (March 26, 2006)

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