SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  

Project 59 was created as a universal project that uses a random number (meaningless and therefore, conversely, applicable to anything) as a tool for artistic exploration. It started in1995 as a one-year project at the beginning of digital era: “95 as bread and butter, 59 as butter and bread – the same”, but it did not finish there and has continued to expand ever since. As Agata Jordan from Yekaterinburg suggested – it is going to run for 59 years. Or forever. Whichever comes first. Irina Danilova ran Project 59 for 8 years before Hiram Levy joined it 8 years ago. To celebrate the auspicious pairing of 8 + 8, their first collaborative project will be on display. In the beginning, Irina explored the parameters of Project 59. She climbed up 59 floors to the top of the MetLife building in New York, dove 59 feet down onto the ocean floor off the Maine coast (in December), and walked through the Ural Mountains in Russia to the intersection of the 59th longitude and 59th latitude. Selected videos from that period will be screened in the gallery. When Hiram joined Project 59, it opened the opportunity for realizing art projects of a bigger scale, national and international value, such as the 59 Seconds Video Festival, US59, and City Drawings that will also be presented in the gallery.

photographs by Irina Danilova and Hiram Levy / web-design by Project 59 Inc.