SET Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  


Abstract, colorful and mysterious images slowly move in the dark, sometimes taking the shapes of Japanese calligraphy. The video installation captures sequences of light reflections off the water surface. No computer graphics were involved. The name Minamo means water surface in Japanese.

"In ancient mythology water represented subconsciousness. The ever-changing transcendental stream beyond time and space. I am deeply intrigued by the realm outside human culture, the non-verbal and primal around us that we often feel, but can never explain." - Andrei Severny

Andrei Severny, filmmaker, photographer and video artist, was born in 1977 in Moscow, USSR into a family of astronomers and first developed his original style as a photographer. In 2004 Andrei came to New York and focused on filmmaking. His short films Tom On Mars and Disparait, were screened at festivals in London, New York, Barcelona, Milan, Kolkata, Avignon and others. Since 2007 Andrei actively collaborates with Edward Tufte, the world renowned master of analytical design. Edward Tufte applied some of Minamo's visuals to explaining his Wavefields concept. Minamo video installation is also related to the feature-length film Condition (2011), written, directed, shot and edited by Andrei Severny and produced by Amir Naderi. In Condition Andrei Severny concentrates on sound in expressing the sensory battles of the two characters.

     photographs by Andrei Severny / web-design by Project 59 Inc.