Born in 1994, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Anger Exercises

Paper, ink, 2022

Making Yoga in the Burned Woods

digital print From Open Air Exercises Series 2021

«…To all those who urge Ukrainians to "stop hating not to become the same with russians”.To all those who want peace, but don’t understand that peace can be only won in a battle. That anger is fuel. Anger gives energy for the fight and fight – is not only survival, it is life itself. Strong feelings, strong words and strong actions, even if they may destroy you, are better than voidant silence. Bleeding wound is better than the one which you have covered with a band and pretend that it doesn’t hurt.”


Born in 1987 in Kharkiv, Ukraine


Video, Ukrainian Pavillion, World Economic Forum, Davos 2022

The Triumph of Death

Performance Influenced by the 15th century fresco in Palermo Palazzo Sant'Elia, Palermo, Italy, 2022
Photo: Noemi Mazzola

Theory of Protection

An international action of solidarity to Ukraine
initiated by Ukrainian artist, 2015-2022

“I am torn apart by pain. I have lost a child in the past. Today Ukraine loses children every day. Child death numbers are growing constantly: 70, 92, 118, 218, 226 …411… Constantly I am making new sculptures. This is my ritual of honoring every little life that was lost, my way of materializing, singing the last lullaby, and letting go.”

“The whole territory of Ukraine is being bombed. The premonition felt in the Theory of Protection turned into reality. All over the country, the windows are covered with protective patterns. They became almost sacral symbols, despite the failure under total destruction. Buildings became silent witnesses of war, turning into war documentations, preserving memories and stories in shelled walls and shot glasses. Some people stayed inside their houses for weeks, moving from the flat to the bomb shelter back and forth, connected to the outside world only through their windows. The new world that they see changed drastically.”


Born in 1986 in Kyiv, Ukraine

Ark Number 19861001

In collaboration with Andrei Lobov, Photo Self-portrait, 2017


video performance Kyiv region, February 2022


video performance Kyiv region, February 2022

“For many thousands of years humanity invented different ways to protect itself from the danger… The artist tries to … built the shell between herself and the world around her.”

“…Kyiv, 62 hours before the full-scale invasion. I could not know what terrible events would happen in Ukraine, but I felt anger, destruction, and uncertainty. I direct all my anger to the enemy on behalf of the millions of Ukrainian women in the UA army now, who were forced to leave their homes, volunteer, and engage in socially beneficial activities. I am proud of you all. I am you.”


Born 1988 in Kerch, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine

Performative Sculpture

“Fortified soap sculptures were exhibited at Izolyatsia Art Center in Donetsk. The art center was captured and looted by the DPR militants. On June 9, a group of pro-Russian terrorists shot at soap sculptures of Kulikovska, using them as targets.”


From the Collection of Maryna Shcherbenko Art Center

254. Action

Video documentation of unauthorized performance was held on the stairs of the Hermitage Museum during the opening of Manifesta'10 biennial. St. Petersburg, Russia, 1 July of 2014. 254 is Maria Kulikovska's number as a registered refugee from the occupied Crimea since 2014.”


From the Collection of Maryna Shcherbenko Art Center

Dinner Set

non-breakable polymer, microwave and dishwasher safe, 6 plates, 2022 A dinner set for those who are watching news while having a dinner.

Dinner Plate

non-breakable polymer, microwave and dishwasher safe dinner plate


Born 1980, Vinnytsia, Ukraine


Digital photo of installation with tomatoes and nails, 2015

No Face

Video documentation of performances in Berlin, Germany, 2018
Video: Anton Saienko


Land Art festival Skifski Valy, Digital photo of performance, 2016

No Face

Video documentation of performances in Kyiv, Ukraine 2018
Video: Anton Saienko


Land Art festival Skifski Valy, Digital photo of performance, 2015

“Action in the public space presented the topic of absence / presence with which I work. My face was hidden behind a mask of black cloth. On the one hand, I am physically present, but on the other, there is no personality. Nobody could see my face and my emotions. While I, due to the structural properties of the fabric, was partially able to see others, which led to discomfort of other people.”

Photos by Irina Danilova.

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