MAY 27 – JULY 8, 2018

407A Colonels Row, Governors Island, NY
Fridays: 1pm - 9pm; Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays: 11am - 5pm
Opening Reception: May 27, 1-5PM
Closing Reception: July 8, 1-5pm

A group of artists were invited to explore the elements of Governors Island: Water, Wind, Light, (Is)land, and People. Transforming the rooms, stairways, and hallways of a house into a series of installations, sculptures, murals, and performances, artists broadened the elements of Governors Island to range from its recreational present to the visible landscapes and landmarks of the city’s past. Observed by more than 2300 visitors, Island Universe invited reflection on the environment of the island and its history, provoked questions about the relationship between people and nature, and elicited personal memories to form narratives within the framing structure of the show.

Curator: Irina Danilova

Participating artists:

Alberto Bursztyn & Adrian D. Cameron, Billy X. Curmano, Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy, Ellen Harvey, Lisa Hein and Robert Seng, Ed Herman, Rita Leduc, Alyson Pou, Angelo Riviello, Margaret Roleke, Rino Telaro, Mary Ting, Dasha Ziborova, Natalia Zubko & Beau Kenyon

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Island Universe Memorabilia

Immigrant Stories Dock at Governors Island in Two Exhibitions

by Peter Malone at Hyperallergic.com


Alberto M. Bursztyn  Terra Firma (Solid Ground)   Installation  2018

Rino Telaro  Waiting for the right moment  Performance  1975


Natalia Zubko & Beau Kenyon (sound)  Eav’ning Light

Lisa Hein and Bob Seng  SWELL  Kinetic light installation  2018

Dasha Ziborova Eyes in the Walls or The Secret Life of Plants  Mural 2018

Ed Herman  Street kids  Suspended Sculpture  1991-2018

John Pendergast and Billy X. Curmano performing their  "Mississippi River

in collaboration with Adrian D. Cameron (sound)   Play



Sound and Light Installation  2018   Play




Rap" at the Island Universe Opening


Margaret Roleke  Sea Green Mist  Installation  2018

Billy X. Curmano  The Swim  Mississippi River Performance  1987-97







Irina Danilova  Desert Wells and Organic Ornament;  Billy X. Curmano  Death Valley Desert Classic

Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy  Desert Wells  Installation  1990-2018


Alberto M. Bursztyn  Moose  Sculpture from Govenors Island debris  2018

Alyson Pou   Island Flight  Installation  2018

Irina Danilova  Reflections  Light Installation  2016-2018

Rita Leduc  Tofte Pod  Light and Sound Installation  2018

Billy X. Curmano   Death Valley Desert Classic   video of 40 days Desert

Ellen Harvey  All That Glitters  Installation  2017

Mary Ting   Bee  2015;   BAM! Oh sorry (wing)  2002  




Fasting Performance   1999 - 2000


Mary Ting   Bedroom Ghosts  2018;   I see you (spider)  2009 


Angelo Riviello  CHIENA (water art festival)  1985-ongoing


Photos by Irina Danilova, Hiram Levy, Rita Leduc, Dasha Ziborova and Alyson Pou. Gallery Assistants: Nick Cruz and Brigette Rodriguiz.
Island Universe was sponsored by Project 59, Inc. with partial support from The Governors Island Trust, Materials For The Arts and private donations.

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