FLUXUS TIME 1959... 1969... 1979...
April 10th – May 10th 2013
Open Monday-Friday 10am-3PM or by appointment
Art Gallery of Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
Brooklyn, NY

Photos from the opening, April 10, 2013

Fluxus Time: 1959…1969…1979… features 22 artists from that era including: Fluxus artists, George Brecht, Ken Friedman, Alison Knowles, George Maciunas, Larry Miller and Jeffrey Perkins; artists from the former USSR, Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Valera & Na-tasha Cherkashin and Tolsty (Vladimir Kotlyarov); international artists, Bas Jan Ader from The Netherlands, Angelo Riviello and Rino Telaro from Italy; artists from west coast, Mike Dyar and Lowell Darling; Kingsborough College faculty, Rick Klauber and Peter Malone; along with Tehching Hsieh, Linda Mary Montano, Phill Niblock, Gail Nathan, Mike Metz and Deena des Rioux. The exhibition is curated by Irina Danilova at the Art Gallery of Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York.

Fluxus Time explores the Fluxus movement and it’s impact by representing the conceptual transformation of life events into Fluxus Event Scores and performances, the creation of new events, and subsequent conceptual alterations of life itself. Such inventions during the experimentations of the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s, conquered new territories for art.



Ken Friedman Center Piece, 2003, Event Score

Ken Friedman  Round Table Stack, 1956, re-construction

Gallery View

Vagrich Bakhchanyan  PHOTOCALENDAR (May)  1979

Rick Klauber Bonnie Go Darkly  1975

Alison Knowles Event Score

George Brecht  Event Score and Drip Music, 1959

Tehching Hsieh  One Year Performance 1981-1982

Mail Art

Ken Friedman The Judgment of Paris 1964 re-construction

Vagrich Bakhchanyan Portrait of Stalin and Portrait of Lenin

Tolsty(Vladimir Kotlyarov) Mail Art  Bakchanyan Collection

Mike Metz Blueprints for Performance and Sculptures 1970s

Mike Metz Sculptures 1978-1979

Gail Nathan Process Art 1969

Gallery View

Bas Jan Ader Selected Performances 1960s-1970s

Gallery View

Ken Friedman   Table Stack, 1956 re-construction

Vagrich Bakhchanyan  PHOTOCALENDAR  1979

Angelo Riviello  the knife  1974-1975

Valera&Natasha Cherkashin Night with a Pioneer Leader 1967

Larry Miller  Copyright Your DNA  1992-

George Maciunas Mask(above)  Jeffrey Perkins  Mr. Fluxus

Linda Montano  7 YEARS OF LIVING ART 1984–1990

Mike Dyar Eat Art 2013  Jeffrey Perkins  Fluxus Taxi 1995

Mike Dyar Eat Art

Lowell Darling Finders(Hollywood Archeology) 1973-1978

Rino Telaro  A Doodle Sharing(on right) 1970s

Mike Metz Blueprints for Performance and Sculptures 1970s

Peter Malone Black and White Paint 1976

Deena des Rioux Headquake No. 5 and Headquake No. 9 1977

Phill Niblock Morning 1966

Ken Friedman The History of Fluxus 1993 re-construction

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