Fractured and re-Structured

Skin of Liberty reflects the history of the Statue of Liberty’s copper, which was allegedly mined in Nizhny Tagil, while Fractured & re-Structured refers to the current psycho-geographical state of Nizhny Tagil, an old industrial city in the Middle of Urals.

7 September, 2015 - 11 November, 2015
Fine Arts Museum - Contemporary Arts Building
Nizhny Tagil, Urals Region, Russia

Curators: Vladimir Seleznev and Irina Danilova

Participating artists: Ekaterina Aksenova, Ron Barron, Maria Belova and Anna Mineeva, Oleg Blyablyas, Alberto Marcos Bursztyn, Vitaly Cherepanov, Beth Dary, Irina Fillipova, Lisa Hein and Robert Seng, Tatiana Istomina and Angelina Kotova, JKP(group), Ksenya Koshurnikova, Rita Leduc, Kenneth Pietrobono, Project 59, Carol Salmanson, Vladimir Seleznev, Fyodor Telkov, Ian Trask, Qi You, Zer Gut(group)

The fourth exhibition in the BRURAL series, first presented at the Brooklyn Fire Proof Temporary Storage Gallery in Bushwick last winter, was featured at the Contemporary Arts Building of the Fine Arts Museum in Nizhny Tagil as a satellite program for the Ural Biennial. The guest curator, Vladimir Seleznev, selected works by artists from his native city, Nizhny Tagil, along with works by 13 artists from Greater Brooklyn.

Opening Night

Nizhny Tagil Press


Fine Arts Museum - Contemporary Arts Building

                                                Alberto Marcos Bursztyn

Alberto Marcos Bursztyn

Alberto Marcos Bursztyn                                      Zer Gut Group

Ksenya Koshurnikova

Vladimir Seleznev

Project 59                                          Vitaly Cherepanov

Zer Gut Group

Maria Belova and Anna Mineeva

Carol Salmanson

Robert Seng

Ron Barron

Ekaterina Aksenova

Kenneth Pietrobono's Banners with Vladimir Seleznev

Group J K P

Ksenya Koshurnikova

Fyodor Telkov                                                    Ian Trask

Lisa Hein

Project 59

Vitaly Cherepanov

Oleg Blyablyas

Beth Dary

Rita Leduc

Qi You

Irina Fillipova

Irina Fillipova


This project was sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) and also received support from the National Center for Contemporary Art in Ekaterinburg, Materials For The Arts and private donations.

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